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Mass Land Clearing Services

Never has it been more important to be a part of a sub-network that collaboratively works towards a common goal.  Mass land clearing, while not flashy, is the key component to the start of any development or construction project. Matching skillset to service normally results in much smoother project performance.  Benchmark staff of skilled operators are paired with company-owned, purpose-built equipment to ensure that each job is completed on schedule.

The Benchmark Difference

At Benchmark, we understand that land is a valuable commodity. We are careful in the way that we clear land to preserve as much vegetation as possible for recycled, beneficial use. Much of the vegetation on land that we clear is ground into mulch and then hauled by our fleet of trucks and trailers to one of our production facilities. There, it is further screened and colored into a vibrant finished product. These beautiful mulches are then installed by our mulch installation division or delivered in bulk to landscape contractors and garden centers.

Equipment Hauling

Moving equipment, specifically our specialized pieces, is a daunting task.  We have a fleet of lowboy trailers to move our equipment from the site quickly and efficiently.  Because we already have the infrastructure built around transporting equipment, we would be happy to move equipment in the midstate.

Forestry Mowing

An integral piece of our mass land clearing service, Benchmark can also provide forestry mowing as a standalone service.  Our purpose-built fleet of Primetech machines is ideal for pasture reclamation, under brushing overgrown property elements, fencerow clearing, retention pond maintenance, and right-of-way clearing.

Residential Tree Removal
Disaster Relief

Strong storms are a reality in the Southeast, resulting in FEMA-declared disasters and the subsequent large-scale clean-up effort.  Benchmark’s diverse equipment lineup and well-trained staff have reduced millions of yards of organic debris staged at Debris Management Sites from natural disasters of all kinds. Benchmark has worked with many Prime contractors and is proud to be one of the first responding companies leading the clean-up efforts of unfortunate natural disasters.

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